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Vacuum Application- Glass working

Glass working mainly used in insulating glass, laminated glass, glass edge grinding machine, tempered glass, unit plate, glass deep processing, solar photovoltaic glass, etc. The glass can be moved quickly to improve the efficiency and protect the glass surface from scratch. The efficiency and safety are far higher than the traditional handling method.

Vacuum Application-Glass working advantage:

1. It is suitable for the loading and unloading of hollow wires and laminated wires, as well as the transport of original pieces and unit plates.

2.Suitable for high temperature glass, the maximum load is 5000KG.

3. A variety of structures and suckers are available.

4. It can achieve 0-90 degree turning and rotating handling of glass.

5. Adjustable sucker and can be closed individually.

6. One person can operate it.

7. Efficient, safe, fast and labor-saving.

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