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Vacuum Application- Curtain wall

Curtain wall is driven by DC battery without cable access, which solves the problem of inconvenient power supply in the construction site. It is especially suitable for installation of high-altitude curtain wall glass, and can be customized according to the glass size.

Vacuum Application-Curtain wall installation advantage:

1. Imported DC charging vacuum pump, equipped with battery.

2. The length of the glass is 15m and the width is 4m.

3. Suitable for high temperature glass under 300 degrees Celsius.

4. Can achieve 0-90 degree glass turnover handling.

5. It can achieve 0-360 degree rotating handling of glass.

6. A variety of structures and suckers available for configuration, with digital display pressure gauge.

7. The accumulator and pressure detection ensure safety.

8. Efficient, safe, fast and labor-saving

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