Delivery of Below hook vacuum glass lifter
/ / Delivery of Below hook vacuum glass lifter

Delivery of Below hook vacuum glass lifter

Suction cup glass lifter

Below hook vacuum glass lifter


Detail product Description:

used with crane + hoist+ vacuum lifter

1. The vacuum lifter device max. carrying capacity up to 800kg.

2. For handling steel boards, aluminium boards, plastic boards, glass boards, stone slabs, laminated chipboards 

The vacuum lifting equipment consists of the basic unit that can be combined with different suction systems. 

The vacuum lifter can be combined and operated with many different carrier facilities,such as crane, wheel loaders, fork lifts. hoist.


  • Max. carrying capacity up to 400kg (a safety factor 4.0 include)
  • Size of pad diameter(mm): 300mm
  • Power supply: 380Volts AC, 50HZ, 3 Phase.(or as client request)
  • Vertical handling
  • Acoustic warning
  • Intergrated safety tank
  • Imported oillness Pump &Valve, vt4.8, 8m³/h
  • Tilt 90degrees and rotate 360 degrees by electrical motor.
  • movement control by remote control
  • Safety Tank &pressure switch warning
  • Noise level, Less than[65dB]
  • High-duty vacuum pump with a low degree of maintenance
  • Optical and acoustical warnning system
  • Fiter system against dust and water
  • High carrying capacity
  • Suction plate control via manual sliding valve/ball valve or optionall via remote control
  • Use for glass production procedure.

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