Delivery of electric flip suction crane equipment
/ / Delivery of electric flip suction crane equipment

Delivery of electric flip suction crane equipment

Electric Flip suction crane equipment widely used in glass processing and manufacturing, aluminium or other metallic plate processing and other occasions.

0-90 degrees electric rotor can be adjusted to any position.

Sucker position can be adjusted to meet the different plate sizes and shapes.

The front of the rack is provided with a sliding groove, and the back of the rack is fixed with a top block, a connecting rod is installed in the middle of the rack, and a card slot is provided under the connecting rod, and the inner side of the card slot is installed The rotating shaft, and the telescopic rod is fixed under the rotating shaft, the left and right sides of the rack are provided with mounting plates, and the rear side of the mounting plate is installed with an air pump, and the air pipe is fixed below the rotating tube, and the rotating tube is located in the machine. On the inner side of the rack, a plastic sleeve is installed under the trachea, and a connecting rod is arranged around the plastic sleeve, a suction cup is installed under the connecting rod, a connecting pipe is arranged on the surface of the rotating pipe, and the middle of the connecting pipe The air valve is installed. The suction cup angle of the electric turning angle vacuum suction hoist can be adjusted, and the angle can be turned over. The suction angle can be flexibly adjusted, and the range of suction and lifting objects is large.

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