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Working principle of vacuum generator

Practical writing’s tube vacuum generator working principle, when the compressed air supply from the mouth into the inside through the narrow nozzle produced when accelerating effect, thus faster through diffusion chamber, and accelerating spread through diffusion chamber at the same time promoting rapid outflow of indoor air, and because of the spread of indoor air along with the rapid outflow of compressed air, thus in the spread of indoor instantaneous vacuum effect, when the vacuum line access to the vacuum suction vacuum generator can be for the vacuum line extraction vacuum.

After the air in the diffuser room flows out of the diffuser chamber along with the compressed air and flows through the diffuser, the air pressure from the exhaust outlet decreases rapidly and blends into the ambient air due to the gradually increased air circulation space.At the same time, as the acceleration of air flow out of the exhaust port will generally produce a large noise, so the vacuum generator exhaust is usually equipped with a silencer, in order to reduce the compressed air discharge noise.

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