How to save a vacuum suction cup for a long time
/ / How to save a vacuum suction cup for a long time

How to save a vacuum suction cup for a long time

The vacuum suction cup has been a long-term preservation has always been a problem, and it takes a long time to buy a long time, how to save is the key.

If the vacuum sucker is stored for a long time, in order to prevent the hydraulic cylinder piston rod from rusting, the working device should be placed on the ground; the whole machine should be washed and stored in a dry indoor environment; if the conditions are limited to outdoor storage, the machine should be parked on a well-drained concrete floor; fill the fuel tank before storage, lubricate all parts, replace the hydraulic oil and oil, apply a thin layer of grease to the exposed surface of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod, remove the Remove the negative terminal of the battery, or remove the battery and store it separately. According to the minimum temperature, add the appropriate proportion of antifreeze to the cooling water; start the engine once a month and operate the machine in order to lubricate the spring hanger parts and charge the battery at the same time.

The vacuum sucker travel oil pump is a two-way variable piston pump, which drives both the vibration wheel and the two-way variable motor of the left and right wheels. Twist the travel speed selection switch (on the instrument panel in the cab) to select the travel speed range of the roller, each speed range can be manipulated to achieve stepless speed adjustment. The travel lever is also the lever for forward and reverse direction change device, and the vacuum suction cup can change the driving direction smoothly, which is very easy to operate.

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