Vacuum equipment

Vacuum equipment- 2.9t x 1.4m-Capacity Spider Crane

2.9t x 1.4m-Capacity Spider Crane

2.9t x 1.4m-Capacity Spider Crane

Introducing the latest in mini crane engineering, the battery powered model provides fume-free lifting for sensitive environments. Ideal for food processing plants, listed buildings, airports, clean environments and even cruise ships, this unique spider crane is powered by a rechargeable 48v battery with no diesel emissions impacting on the surrounding atmosphere.

Measuring just 750mm wide, the new spider crane is designed for interior access and retains all the lifting power of our standard models without compromising on operational efficiency. Alongside cutting edge technology, this innovative machine is the first spider cranes to feature low marking wheels for ultimate manoeuvrability when working on light-coloured or polished floor surfaces, making it the ideal choice for shopping centres, galleries, hospitals and more. The model has a lifting capacity of up to 2.9 tonnes to a height of up to 8 metres.

Total width: 0.75m

Max. working radius: 8.41m

Multi-position configurable outriggers

Low Marking Tyres

Operator control of outrigger extension

Intelligent voice warning system

Preliminary stability warning system with motion cut

Radio remote control as standard

Maximum wind speed for safe use is 36km/h, 22mph or 10m/s

Working area limitation 

Optional slew limitation 

2.9t x 1.4m-Capacity Spider Crane with Sandwich board and board suction crane can be installed with color steel plate or glass curtain wall.

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